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Laughing gear: road train

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A ROAD train heading west to the Channel Country hits and kills a wild boar.

The carcass is in pretty good nick, so the driver decides to pick it up and offer it to the publican at Cungamilla when he drives through.

"Gee thanks mate, I'll give you 20 bucks for it," says the publican.

" We're almost out of meat."

A sales rep, who is staying at the pub, comes in for a meal.

The publican offers him the choice of roast pork, grilled pork chops or barbecued marinated pork ribs.

"Freshly killed, local wild boar," the publican declares proudly.

The traveller, amazed at the quality of food so far from the city, decides on the grilled pork chops.

After he eats, he licks his fingers and compliments the publican on his fine cuisine.

"Yes, and in the morning you can have chops or minced pork patties or brawn for breakfast," says the publican. "We don't waste anything around here."

"Sounds good," says the rep. "Could I have a glass of water before my dessert?"

"No worries mate, but I should warn you, we've only got bore water.

"Bloody hell," exclaims the rep.

"You're right. You certainly don't waste anything, do you?"

Source: weeklytimes

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