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Truckie 'touched a lot of people’s hearts'

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Trevor Simpkin, who died when his truck rolled, is remembered by mates as having a kind heart. Trevor Simpkin, who died when his truck rolled, is remembered by mates as having a kind heart. Contributed

TREVOR Simpkin was the kind of guy who would help out without expecting anything in return.

Just days before the crash that claimed his life, Mr Simpkin promised to take the five-year-old nephew of close friend Shae Keating for a weekend joyride in his truck.

Mr Simpkin died on a rain-soaked Tuesday evening when he and another truck driver collided on the Bruce Hwy between Mackay and Sarina.

The former Sarina fireman had only recently changed jobs, and friends said he was happy to shed a gruelling overnight shift driving to Emerald for a comparatively easier run.

Ms Keating said Mr Simpkin would be remembered most for his generosity and love of V8 racing.

She described him as a man who "touched a lot of people's hearts" and "would help out as much as needed".

"He was just a good guy," Ms Keating said.

"He was in the fire crew with the V8s and at Mackay speedway.

"That's where we met and where we really became friends - at Townsville V8."

Ms Keating said Mr Simpkin was also loved for his cheeky nature.

"He was a cheeky smart-arse; he loved to have a joke," she said. "A lot of people will remember his personality being smart and funny and... his caring side.

"It was just him, just the way he was."

Source: Daily Mercur

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