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Drivers tell of truck terror

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A TRUCKIE who repeatedly placed the lives of other road users at risk with his wild and aggressive driving has been fined and his licence disqualified for eight months.

Geelong Magistrates' Court heard Mark Porter drove his prime mover at high speed, tailgated other vehicles, overtook on the wrong side and over double lines and caused at least one oncoming car to brake heavily to avoid a collision.

Porter, 35, of Begley St, Colac, pleaded guilty in the court yesterday to a single charge of dangerous driving.

Police prosecutor Leading Senior-Constable Eugene Marshall said Porter, about 4.30pm on June 23, 2012, was driving an International cab prime mover fast on the Princes Freeway, Waurn Ponds.

"As traffic lights changed to red, the vehicle in front stopped and Porter pulled up so close to the vehicle in front, that backseat passengers could only see the front grille of his truck," Sen-Constable Marshall said.

"Witnesses later told police the truck was just 45cm from their heads."


The prosecutor said Porter tailgated the car as it drove off, leaving its occupants concerned for their safety.

"At one stage he attempted to pass the vehicle on the left and drove ... on to the shoulder of the road to avoid colliding with the car as two lanes merged into one," he said.

"Witnesses said the truck continued to accelerate and was being driven in an aggressive and erratic manner."

Sen-Constable Marshall said the truck's estimated speed was between 100km/h and 105km/h in an 80km/h zone.

"It was weaving across the lanes and travelling too close to other cars," he said.

"Between Simmons and Hendy Main roads, Porter overtook one vehicle, driving over double white lines reaching an estimated 120km/h in a 100km/h zone.

"He drove over double lines, forcing oncoming traffic over to the left.

"At one point an oncoming car was forced to brake heavily and drive off the roadway on to the verge to avoid a collision."

The prosecutor said police caught up with Porter when he pulled into a Winchelsea service station.

"As police approached, Porter jumped out of the prime mover, was waving his arms about and was very agitated," he said. "He told police his father died 10 days earlier and he was running late to get to the viewing."

Plern Chaya, for Porter, said her client had a history of amphetamine use which increased after his father's death.

Ms Chaya said Porter, who has since served a jail sentence on unrelated matters, was on parole.

Magistrate Stephen Myall convicted Porter, fined him $1500 and disqualified him from driving for eight months.

Source: Geelong Advertiser

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