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Truckie sent to jail for 100 driving offences

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ONE of Victoria's worst truckies has been jailed for a second time after pleading guilty to more than 100 driving offences.

Luke Macquire, 31, received a 17-month jail term in the Ringwood Magistrates' Court for repeatedly driving while suspended, not installing an alcohol interlock device on his truck and not completing a logbook of his work.

Magistrate Jillian Crowe said the Springvale man's case was among the worst she had seen, after Macquire was jailed for four months in 2010 for another 18 counts of driving while suspended.

Macquire's list of priors included drink driving, speeding and dangerous driving.

Ms Crowe said Macquire was guilty of "extremely wilful behaviour" and had "put (himself) above the law in every respect" with a string of misdemeanours between December 2011 and May 2012.

"He ignores what he is told and keeps committing the same offences over and over," Ms Crowe said.

Macquire's lawyer, Tony Danos, argued his client struggled to afford an interlock device for his truck and said the interlock law "discriminates against professional drivers" who are already required to have a zero blood alcohol concentration.

But this was dismissed by Ms Crowe, who said interlocks were imposed to protect other drivers.

VicRoads prosecutor Kylie Walsh said Macquire's previous jail term had not served as a deterrent and a message needed to be sent to the trucking community to obey road laws.

Macquire pleaded guilty and received a reduced 17-month term, including a nine-month non-parole period. He also received a $5000 fine and was disqualified from driving for a year.

Outside the court, VicRoads regulatory services director Richard Bell said unlicensed drivers such as Macquire posed a "real risk to the community".

"Our message is pretty simple: if you don't have a licence, don't drive, don't get behind the wheel," Mr Bell said.

Macquire appealed the verdict and was released on bail to reappear in the County Court in October.

Source: Herald Sun

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