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Abbott marks carbon tax pledge anniversary

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Tony Abbott during a visit to Linfox

Tony Abbott marked the anniversary of Julia Gillard's no carbon tax pledge with a visit to Linfox. Source: AAP

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has marked three years since former prime minister Julia Gillard's "notorious" pledge not to introduce a carbon tax.

Mr Abbott visited a Linfox trucking depot in Melbourne on Friday morning to highlight the anniversary.

"This is the third anniversary of one of the most notorious remarks in Australian political history," he told reporters during a brief press conference in Melbourne.

During the 2010 election campaign, Ms Gillard said: "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead".

"We know that statement haunted her for three years ... and still haunts this government," Mr Abbott said.

Mr Abbott said the carbon tax would be "lock, stock, barrel, gone" under a coalition government.

Ms Gillard's government went on to introduce a fixed price on carbon pollution emissions, with plans to move to an emissions trading scheme after three years.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has moved to bring forward the floating price by one year.

It later emerged that in 2011, Linfox joined a coalition of 22 businesses, including BP and Ikea, in a public campaign supporting a price on carbon pollution in Australia.

Later on Friday when asked about the company's past support for a carbon tax, Mr Abbott said: "Actions speak louder than words.

"The fact that I was at Linfox this morning says something about where people's views are, as we move into the election," he said.

Mr Abbott maintained the company has dramatically reduced its carbon emissions.

"They've done that because it was the right thing for them to do, both environmentally and economically," he told reporters in Melbourne.

"They didn't need a carbon tax to do it."

Source: The Australien

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