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Next step in the upgrade of Pacific Highway begins

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With the commencement of the latest stage of the duplication of the Pacific Highway from Frederickton to Eungai, the site of the Clybucca bus crash will, finally, get by-passed. The 1989 crash caused a public outcry and led to the NSW Government's promise to duplicate the entire Pacific Highway.

Nearly 25 years on, and with duplication still not achieved, the latest stage in the road building program began with a ground-breaking ceremony marking the official start of work on the multi-million upgrade.

“I’m proud to be the Federal Infrastructure Minister who’s been able to secure the funding and achieved the cooperation necessary to making this project a reality,” said Anthony Albanese, Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport. “I also pay tribute to the local community and their persistent campaign to have this notorious stretch of road fixed once and for all.

“While most of us know of the Pacific Highway as a vital freight route between our nation’s biggest and third biggest city or have used to take the family on holidays, for those living along it this road is an indispensable part of their everyday lives.

“Rebuilding the Pacific Highway is the largest, most complex nation building road project ever undertaken in Australia, and Federal Labor has committed $7.9 billion to the task. That’s almost seven times the $1.3 billion our predecessors spent during their 12 long years in office.”

Being jointly funded by the Federal and NSW governments on a 50-50 basis, the Frederickton to Eungai Upgrade will shift the Highway to the west of its existing alignment and link up with the new, recently completed Kempsey Bypass.

“As well as realigning and straightening the Highway, the project will also build a new interchange at Stuarts Point Road and install additional rest areas, with the final product engineered to withstand all but a once in a century flooding event," said Duncan Gay, NSW Roads and Ports Minister.

Source: Prime Mover

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