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No trusting the PM: Fox

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BILLIONAIRE Lindsay Fox says Australians can’t trust Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and has slammed the state of the nation’s politics.

Speaking at the annual Brocklesby-Burrumbuttock Football Club luncheon, the trucking tycoon weighed into the Federal election debate during a wide-ranging interview at Albury’s Commercial Club.

Mr Fox said Mr Rudd had repeatedly failed to deliver on his promises and that the government had no control over the country.

“That’s the problem with the whole political scene today,” Mr Fox said.

“We have Labor here, we have Liberal there and we have the control with the independents and the Greens.

“But in the Labor party itself you’ve got two separate groups and so you’ve got 50-50 and you haven’t got control.

“They’ve been fighting over leadership for three years.

“Mr Rudd has made many promises, on so many occasions, and hasn’t delivered.

“I would ask you, would you trust Mr Rudd?

“That’s the real issue.”

Mr Fox, one of Australia’s richest people, lamented those party factions and also hit out at independent candidates who aligned themselves with the major parties after they were elected.

“If Australia goes back and has a group of independents that move from independents to supporting a political party, one or the other, because of the financial benefit for their constituents, it’s wrong,” he said.

Mr Fox said he was not anti-Labor.

“I come from a Labor background,” he said.

“My father was a truck driver; mine is a working class background.

“But at the end of the day, people that are the leaders have got to stand up and a promise made, is a debt unpaid.

“We’ve had too many promises made and never delivered.”

Source: The Border Mail

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