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Sony Australia and Lamboo Mobile Medical to build mobile medical units and vehicles for Australia and New Zealand

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Lamboo Medical Truck

It might come as a surprise to learn that Sony builds trucks in Australia, but it does: very specialised trucks. And it’s expanding the range into healthcare vehicles in partnership with Lamboo Mobile Medical.

Lamboo is a global company headquartered in The Netherlands that builds bespoke mobile and modular healthcare facilities. It is certified by all the large OEM medical suppliers including GE, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba and Hologi, so customers are not limited in the options they can specify.

Sony Australia’s Custom Solutions and Systems Division (CSSD) has been building specialist vehicles for the television and film industries in Australia for many years and in December 2012 opened a new facility in Newcastle, NSW, saying it would allow the company to expand into new markets such as healthcare and medical monitoring systems.


Under the partnership with Lamboo the facility will build vehicles that provide diagnostic services for breast cancer, tuberculosis and diabetes and specialised treatments such as magnetic resonance imaging, position emission tomography, computer aided tomography, surgery and catheterisation as well as vehicles able to provide full mobile disaster management, including complete mobile hospitals.


Sony CSSD will offer a complete end-to-end construction and delivery service that includes design, procurement, installation, commissioning and operational training.

Lambo C-Lab

Brad Albeck, Healthcare Solutions Business Manager, Sony Australia Professional Solutions Division, said that Sony would also bring the expertise of the Sony Medical Division to the partnership. “The partnership with Lamboo is a very good fit with our healthcare strategy and enables us to provide our customers with reliable, high quality, leading edge mobile healthcare solutions.”

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