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ATA in rest area urgency election plea

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Association says more needs to be done to address inadequate facilities

ATA in rest area urgency election plea
Ben Maguire


The Australian Trucking Association (ATA)’s election lobbying on rest areas is ramping up, with the peak body saying more frequent and improved facilities are urgently needed on Australia’s roads.

ATA CEO Maguire says too many rest areas do not include basic amenities like toilets, lights, water and shade.

"Truck drivers must meet legal fatigue requirements and make use of truck rest areas to meet their obligations. This is not optional," he says.

"Our roads and rest areas are a driver’s workplace, so it’s critical they are provided with appropriate facilities to ensure a safe journey.

"There are not enough rest areas on our roads and many are in shocking condition.

"It’s simply not good enough.

"The next government needs to listen and take action," Maguire says.

Sterle says if Labor is elected, he would listen to the needs of industry.

"I can guarantee you; part of my responsibility will be to have a connection with the trucking industry so we all have a voice in Canberra," he says.

Molan says that "spending is occurring on projects to both improve safety for sleeping and productivity for decoupling and parking," but Maguire adds that more is still needed to be done.

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