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Prime mover’s trailer bursts into flames at Coomandook on the Dukes Highway

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The trailer fire burning at Coomandook. Picture Patrick Clark

The trailer fire burning at Coomandook. Picture Patrick Clark

A truck driver has had a lucky escape from a ferocious fireball near Tailem Bend – quickly detaching his prime mover from a trailer that suddenly went up in flames.

The incident occurred at Coomandook on the Dukes Highway, about 45km southeast of Tailem Bend, just after 7.40am on Wednesday.

Patrick Clark was driving to Melbourne with his sister, Mary McMahon, when they came across the burning trailer.

Mr Clark said the flames were so intense he could feel the heat on his face as they drove past.

“(The driver) was lucky enough to detach the prime mover from the trailer to put that in a safe area as it continued to burn,” Mr Clark told The Advertiser.

“You could see there was tires that caught alight. It was really burning. It was hot when we took the shot of the flames.”

The Advertiser understands the blaze ignited after a mechanical fault. No one was injured.

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