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B-double driver fined $337 for going up hill too slowly

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A B-DOUBLE driver has been fined $337 and hit with four demerits after being observed by police driving up the Kyeamba Gap Hill on the Hume Highway in NSW at 5km/h late last night.

An incident report on the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force Facebook page said there was no apparent reason for the slow speed, "which was extremely dangerous in a 110km/h zone".

"Due to the extremely slow speed he was travelling at police have travelled behind his vehicle with the warning lights activated to alert other road users of the danger," the police statement said.

"Followed and stopped in the rest area at the top of the hill he said he missed the gear. When spoken to about the dangerous speed and asked why he didn't even put his hazard lights on he said "I didn't think about it."

NSW Police Chief Inspector Phil Brooks told Big Rigs: "This situation presents significant challenges for other road users in a high speed zone, particularly trucks."

The driver was issued an infringement notice for negligent driving.

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