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Woolies truckie unhooked trailer before it exploded on M5

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A large Woolworths truck was burning out of control this morning. Picture: Fire and Rescue NSW St Andrews

A QUICK-thinking driver of a Woolworths truck, which burned out of control on the M5 in Sydney's south west in the early hours this morning, had unhooked the trailer from the prime mover before it exploded into flames.

The Daily Telegraph reported early morning city-bound commuters were brought to a halt just after 4am at St Andrews near the Campbelltown Road off-ramp. Traffic was banked up to 10 kilometres at 7am.

Emergency crews, including three fire trucks and police, were at the scene as the blaze destroyed the trailer of the B-double truck. The truck driver then unhooked the trailer when he noticed the flames.

St Andrews' Fire and Rescue NSW Station said on Facebook that heavy towing was being used to drag the smouldering trailer off the freeway. Fire and Rescue crews are now working on clearing the freeway of any leftover debris.

Police said no one was injured by the fire but it is still unknown how the inferno ignited.


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