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Toll driver on 45-year milestone

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Heavy haulage driver, Noel Smith, reflects on 45 years with transport and logistics company, Toll.

In 1974, Smith started his career at Brambles before the site was acquired by Toll. His first gig was working as dockhand, before driving forklifts and cranes. Smith is currently a part of Toll's Global Express business.

"What keeps me here is working around a core of good people," Smith told Toll. "In my opinion, work shouldn’t be a chore - they say 'you should work to live' and not the other way around. When you have  a great work environment it makes it easier to get up in the morning - it also allows you to start your day on the right foot, with a positive attitude that reflects towards our customers."

Smith has seen many changes in the industry, including significant improvement to the manufacturing quality of vehicles as well as the addition of the latest safety features.

“Safety is certainly a priority here at Toll, so it has been great to see how a business really encourages this type of culture," said Smith.

“Technology has certainly improved - automation is definitely a big one. Machines are getting smarter and warehouses are using automation to make things easier," he said.

Smith's other family members, including father, son and daughter, have worked with Toll.

“It has been great to share this experience with the family," he said.

"Who knew we would all be working for the same company? We have each had our own experiences and stories to share which has been nice.

“The job is definitely hard and physical, but it’s great - wouldn’t have it any other way. There has been plenty of work that has provided a sound financial basis to help raise a family."

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