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IVECO launches new concept Fit Cab

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At a global launch of its S-Way range truck cabins, IVECO has unveiled the Fit Cab concept designed to incorporate exercise and gym equipment under a healthier push to help long distance drivers, a group long associated with an ordained, sedentary lifestyle.

Upcoming workshops for the concept will be tested as part of a research project coinciding with the upcoming European Truck Racing Championship in Nurburgring, Germany on 19 July.

As the customer focused project enters its next phase of development, IVECO was assessing improvements to operator wellbeing, comfort and performance as it looked to mitigate the attritional nature of long haul driving through the cabin.

"In developing our products we adopt a customer-and driver-centric approach: they participate in our field-testing activities, they give us guidance with their insights and feedback," said Gerrit Marx, IVECO President Commercial and Specialty Vehicles.

"With these concepts, we want to co-create with drivers and owners these statement vehicles and, most importantly, we also want to engage them in a dialogue about their job to tailor the next trucks to closely match their needs and desires – trucks developed by the customers for the customers."

A five-year study conducted by Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions, based in Grand Haven, Michigan, recently found that 80 per cent of the more than 15,000 drivers surveyed were likely to have three out of five conditions related to metabolic syndrome including a high obesity rate and are 130 per cent more chance to smoke than non drivers.

The Fit Cab, at this early stage, suggests a gym on wheels featuring devices for improving the driver's mobility, stability, strength and overall fitness.

Dedicated hooks and anchor points are integrated into the exterior to host specifically designed accessories.

IVECO confirmed the retractable front step can double up as a training tool while a wall-integrated multi-directional pulley, a roof-integrated folded multi-grip solution, and a functional package that includes resistance bands, sliders and weights distinguish the interior.

The truck manufacturer also unveiled a new IVECO Magirus  which incorporates multiple elements of the original brand through new technology and craftsmanship as it sets out to offer the ultimate in custom-made commercial vehicles.

For European customers who obsess over the finer details the Magirus offers them an opportunity to customise their cabin with the best quality leather finishings, switches, inserts and metallic levers.

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