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ERoad becomes TruckSafe development partner

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IT and telematics provider’s safety focus valued by accreditation scheme

ERoad becomes TruckSafe development partner
Steven Newman


The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has welcomed technology provider ERoad as the TruckSafe development partner.

A leading integrated telematics firm, ERoad focuses on electronic systems for fleets.

"The ATA and TruckSafe are thrilled to have partnered with ERoad, a leading provider of health and safety compliance and fleet management solutions," ATA chair Geoff Crouch says.

"The ATA, TruckSafe and ERoad all share a vision for improved safety and professionalism and are committed to providing industry with the tools needed to achieve this."

ERoad says its core philosophy is enabling safer, more productive roads. The company has developed a suite of telematic products and services that improve driving safety outcomes, deliver accurate and reliable compliance reporting, and reduce the costs associated with driving.  

"ERoad is committed to getting more people home safely," ERoad CEO Steven Newman says, adding "this partnership will support all of us, active in the trucking industry, to enable that".

For TruckSafe development partner, ATA safety, health and wellbeing director Melissa Weller, the partnership will position TruckSafe as a key player in the road safety conversation. 

"The ATA and TruckSafe are increasing our focus on developing a strong safety culture within the Australian trucking industry and promoting a high standard of professionalism - not just compliance," Weller says. 

"Our collaboration with ERoad is just one of the many ways we are creating value for TruckSafe members and the wider community."

Industry members will have the opportunity to connect with ERoad at the ATA’s annual Technology and Maintenance and Trucking Australia conferences as well as through TruckSafe communication streams, providing thought leadership and advice about the role technology plays in improving safety and productivity.

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