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NHVR details its biggest operation to date

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National blitz ‘Operation Kingsize’ blitz finds 9-in-10 trucks compliant

NHVR details its biggest operation to date
Paul Salvati


The Australia-wide operation saw more than 3,500 heavy vehicles inspected, with a very high level of compliance found across the national fleet.

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) chief operations officer Paul Salvati explains this was the third Operation Kingsize, turning out a 93 per cent compliance rate.

"This year, officers inspected 3,533 heavy vehicles which showed that 93.1 per cent were compliant with their permit or notice conditions," Salvati says.

"Importantly, we saw over the course of the operation, the compliance rate increased as word spread about the nature of the operation.

"This year’s operation was also designed to better educate drivers on compliance with 25.9 per cent of intercepts resulting in a warning and information for operators."

Officers from 10 agencies including police, state transport branches and the NHVR were deployed to a staggering 142 locations across Australia, a significant increase from the 28 inspection locations in 2018.

Salvati says the operation was intelligence-led, with real-time data managed through the NHVR Command Centre.

This allowed information to be shared between the NHVR, the heavy vehicle data network and on-road officers including police.

"The average intercept duration for compliant vehicles was 14.1 minutes, compared to the average intercept duration of 30.7 minutes for non-compliant vehicles," Salvati says.

Overall there were 872 offences recorded across a range of categories, which equates to an overall compliance rate of 82.3 per cent of the vehicles intercepted – an increase from 80.7 per cent last year.

The most common offence was failure to carry a required permit or access notice, required under the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

Other common offences included breaches of mechanical safety (31.8 per cent), mass (12.8 per cent), dimension (5.2 per cent), and loading (4.8 per cent).

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