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Tassie rest area survey reveals need for change

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A report into Tasmanian rest areas will be made public soon.

A GENUINE shortage of rest areas around Australia is a major concern for a majority of truck drivers whom Spy has spoken to over recent years.

Especially those whichthat have facilities which are truckie friendly.

It is great news that Spy has heard that a final report by a committee into Tasmanian rest areas is not far from being finalised and made public.

What Spy can reveal is that two road transport identities did a private survey of fatigue related vehicles of more than 12 tonnes GVM along the Bass Highway near Westbury recently.

It was on a Wednesday and between 9am and 1.30pm, a total of 686 were counted, and from 1.30pm to 6.30pm there was 454.

This count failed to include one of the busiest times of the day between 4am until 9am and no buses were included.

Peak periods were from 9am to 10am (167); 10.30am to 11.30am (186) and 1pm to 2pm (180).

For a state with just over 500,000 population, the Government website as of August 31 (2019) listed 47,070 trucks in Tasmania.

There are 12,130 registered heavy goods carrying vehicles, also 15,195 heavy trailers registered.

Also 117,938 light goods- carrying vehicles registered.

An amazing 67,525 full licensed heavy vehicle drivers were in Tasmania as at August 31 (2019).

There are 859 heavy vehicle learner drivers listed on the same date.

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