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Pulford backs VTA driver salute initiative

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New industry award hones in on professional driving standards

Pulford backs VTA driver salute initiative
L-R: VTA president Mike Lean, Neochi, Pulford, Anderson, Goodyear commercial marketing and operations manager Kelly Andrew


Heavy vehicle drivers demonstrating best-practice safety in the course of their duties can be rewarded under a new Victorian Transport Association (VTA) initiative launched together with Victorian roads safety Jaala Pulford.

The VTA Driver Salute recognition program, in conjunction with driver behaviour management company DriveRisk, utilises video technology and telematics in-cabin footage or profiles of drivers in the course of their duties.

Eligibility for the award extends to entrants that have been assessed by DriveRisk’s DriveCam solution as having the lowest risk score over the previous 6-12 months, or entrants who, over a given period, have achieved the largest risk decrease as assessed by the DriveCam technology, and entrants who can clearly demonstrate having a long term low risk driving record using alternative auditable evidence.

The submissions will be reviewed by an independent panel of judges from the VTA, DriveRisk, program sponsors Goodyear and Dunlop Tyres, and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), with winners announced on a bi-monthly basis.

"We know that for every incident involving a truck there are dozens of examples of professional heavy vehicle drivers that live and breathe safety every second they are behind the wheel and on the job," VTA CEO Peter Anderson says.

"These are the drivers and their stories that Driver Salute aims to unearth so that we can promote the safety culture that operators enshrine within their organisations every day."

The winners will be in the running for the annual Driver Salute major award, to be presented at the end of the year.

"Uneventful and totally professional approaches to moving extremely heavy loads at high speed, while safely interacting with other vehicles, is something that we should salute and something we should celebrate," Pulford says.

"An initiative like Driver Salute, that simply recognises a deep and enduring commitment to being safe and aware 100 per cent of the time to really high professional standards, is extremely worthwhile."

DriveRisk chief operating officer Owen Neochi adds: "Our mission at DriveRisk is to help get Australians home safely, so we feel that recognising drivers’ who have helped us to achieve that mission is of the utmost importance.

"We hope recognising and promoting these positive outcomes will encourage more drivers and businesses to implement risk management strategies that will keep drivers and wider community safe on our roads."

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