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‘Some depots won’t even let you out of the truck’

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Adam Johnstone

IT WAS good to catch up with Adam Johnstone from Ulverstone the other day when he dropped into the Mood Food truck stop on the Midland Highway at Kempton for a refreshment break.

He was again driving an RBA Linehaul 2009 K-108 with a 650 Cummins upfront and towing a fridge pan.

“I brought a load of produce to Hobart for Coles this morning,” he said.

“I am now on my way back with a load of Cadbury’s from Claremont to Devonport tonight, then on to catch the Toll ferry to the big Island at Burnie in the morning.

“I have been here for about four great months now, and I love the outfit, and the truck.

“As a job I can tell you it beats driving drilling rigs etc in the bush in Western Australia, and I am so happy that we moved back to Tasmania all around. Obviously, things are a bit different now, though happily we are still busy and our trucks are all running as usual.

“But there are a lot more restrictions and there is a lot of hand washing and social distancing, and some depots won’t even allow you out of the truck.”

When we asked about how he spent his time off, he laughed and said riding bikes and so on were all out of the question at this point in time, but he finds plenty to keep him busy at home and mainly in the shed.

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