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Border closure freight rules await NSW health order

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Victorian concern emerges on the need for clear advice to avoid transport delays

Border closure freight rules await NSW health order
Roma Britnell


Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is waiting on the state’s health minister to issue the order before it can explain any cross-border freight permit processes that might be involved.

Amid concern for freight and logistics clarity on how the Victoria-New South Wales border controls are supposed to work, a TfNSW spokesperson indicates the urgency of situation is understood north of the Murray River and details will be made available as soon as possible, with a preference for that to be today.

Early expectations are that the situation will be similar to that in force on the Queensland border.

NSW Police commissioner Mick Fuller says "There will be delays while we work through who are essential workers."

This comes as Victorian shadow ports and freight minister Roma Britnell calls for Victorian government urgency on advice to freight and logistics operators to ensure there are no delays in freight movements.

"The freight routes between NSW and Victoria are the busiest in the nation and businesses need to know now what their obligations will be ahead of time," Britnell says.

"Any delays in obtaining permits have the potential to disrupt the already fragile supply chain.

"The Minister needs to provide advice well ahead of the planned border closure … to clear up any confusion and to ensure freight can continue to move freely and get to where it needs to be."

She insists ports and freight minister Melissa Horne outline if there will be any cost to businesses, if there are any restrictions about what can be moved across the border and how couriers operating in cross-border communities will go about applying for a permit.

"Freight and logistics businesses need to know now if there will be a lead time to gain permits so they can plan and ensure the border closure will have minimal impacts on freight movements between the nation’s two biggest states," Britnell says.

"It is vital that the transportation of medicines, medical equipment and other critical supplies are not delayed by the border closure."

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