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SARTA clarifies Covid-19 state border requirements

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Association informs enforcement of mask and quarantine policy

SARTA clarifies Covid-19 state border requirements
SA Police border patrol image


The South Australian Road Transport Association (SARTA) has moved to explain the state’s latest quarantine and face-covering policy for truck drivers.

In a communique to members SARTA notes it became aware yesterday of misinformation regarding the situation, which had also been disclosed to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and subsequently reported by this publication.

In particular, SARTA executive officer Steve Shearer makes clear only drivers from Victoria are required to wear face coverings in SA and undertake self-quarantine measures outside of work.

"Essential freight workers who are residents of Victoria must wear a face mask when entering South Australia and self-quarantine in their truck or other private arrangement when not undertaking work-related duties," Shearer says.

"This requirement does NOT apply to HV Essential Travellers who are residents of any other state or territory other than Victoria."

As of July 20, a South Australian government information bulletin regarding Covid-19 restrictions confirms this directive.

"South Australian residents who are truck drivers crossing backwards and forth over the border (whether it be to Victoria or not) don’t have to self-quarantine when they return," it explains.

"They are to minimise time spent in other states and cannot attend a disability care, correctional, health care or aged care facility without prior approval.

"Residents of Victoria who are truck drivers and provide transport or freight services into, within and out of South Australia (including any crew on such transport or freight services) on a commercial basis are required to wear a mask at all times when in public and must self-quarantine when they are not conducting their duties.

"Truck drivers coming from NSW and ACT are not required to self-quarantine when entering South Australia however they must minimise time spent in South Australia and cannot attend a disability care, correctional, health care or aged care facility without prior approval.

"They are encouraged to wear surgical masks when in public."

NHVR informs it is aware of this latest advice from South Australian authorities.

Regarding enforcement of the policy, SARTA notes it had "‘assisted’ police on the ground in their understanding of the new requirements, by helpfully referring them to their Government's FAQs Sheet and in particular to the question about returning SA drivers."

When asked by ATN an SA Police spokesperson confirms enforcement is working to the above directive.

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