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Linfox spends big on ultra-clean Euro 6 Volvo trucks

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One of Australia’s largest transport companies, Linfox, has purchased a sizeable batch of Euro 6 compliant Volvo prime movers that will be used for regional and metropolitan work on the eastern seaboard.

Local legislation mandating Euro 6 exhaust emissions compliance on new trucks is still some years away, but Linfox remains bullish about reducing its environmental footprint.

The handover took place at Volvo Group Australia’s (VGA) world-class truck manufacturing plant at Wacol, Brisbane, and was attended by Linfox Executive Chairman and son of the company’s founder, Peter Fox, who currently resides at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast with his family.

Also in attendance were the Federal Government’s Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport, Scott Buchholz and VGA President, Martin Merrick.

Asked his view on what benefits Euro 6 technology will bring to the wider community, Buchholz said it was definitely the way of the future.

“As the Australian public and indeed the global population grow a greater appetite for reducing emissions, the transport industry will be up front and centre playing its part,” he said.

“It’s so humbling to see the significant investment Volvo has made with its Mack and Volvo products – proudly built right here in Queensland by Queenslanders – to make sure that Euro 6 production is part of its business strategy moving forward into the future,” said Buchholz.

Buchholz implored those who think that vehicle manufacturing in Australia is dead to “look over your shoulder, look for that golden kangaroo on top of Mack, on top of Volvo – they are not just assembled here, they are built from the ground up by over 1,200 talented Queenslanders here at the Wacol site, and then sold right around Australia and New Zealand.”

Martin Merrick added that while VGA has been importing Euro 6-compliant trucks since 2017, the parent company’s $25,000,000 investment has been the catalyst for kick-starting the building of Euro 6 engines at Wacol.

“We’re very proud that our new Volvo models including FH, FH16, FM and FMX will now be manufactured here with the Euro 6 technology,” said Merrick.

From Linfox’s perspective, transitioning to an all-Euro 6 fleet over the next handful of years is a high priority and according to Peter Fox, the next batch of new trucks the company orders, and all subsequent batches, will be Euro 6 in their entirety.

The latest batch of 130 Volvo trucks to join the Linfox fleet, according to Fox, comprises around 60 Euro 6 versions.

“If we as a company can introduce the highest level of standards available globally in regard to emissions controls why wouldn’t we do it?” said Fox.

“It doesn’t cost us a whole lot more and frankly we don’t want to wait for the boys in Canberra to legislate Euro 6. We as an organisation want to take the lead in ensuring our vehicles on the road emit the least amount of emissions into the environment.”

Fox said the company has for the last 12 years been conducting the ‘Green Fox’ sustainability program that has led to a 50 per cent reduction in its carbon footprint.

“Volvo has made the significant capital investment in this facility so not only are we now getting the world’s best vehicles in terms of sustainability, but they are actually being made in Australia,” said Fox.

“I would much prefer, as a sixth generation Australian, to be buying Australian made with local content because the whole country benefits from it.”


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